“I was referred to Lani through my doctor, and she has been fantastic.  I had been having near crippling pains with my neck and shoulders, and after seeing her it’s nearly completely gone.  I’d tried physical therapy and several other options and they were not working either.  She goes above and beyond and looks to get into the root of the problem so it can get fixed, not just “good enough” until the next session. I can’t say enough good things, if you’re looking for a medical massage, look no further.” – Jacob M.

“Lani is an excellent massage therapist. My 14 year old daughter suffered from a concussion and chronic headaches for four months. After my daughter received Cranial Sacral and deep tissue massage, her headaches were gone for the first time in 4 months! Lani is very professional and extremely knowledgeable in massage therapy, and even gave my daughter several stretching exercises to help outside of visits. My daughter enjoys seeing Lani as she is friendly and makes my daughter at ease.” – Tracy L.

“Lani is an excellent massage therapist and an intuitive healer. I first saw Lani because my shoulders and upper back were in so much pain I couldn’t exercise. Lani first asked me questions about my lifestyle to ascertain if my hobbies might be contributing to my discomfort. Lani then provided a very thorough and therapeutic massage and advised me of some stretches I could do that might help prevent these knots from building again. After 3 sessions in 5 weeks I was working out again and I became a loyal client.” – Jason C.

“I went to Lani when I had a sciatica flare-up that was very painful. She was able to get the muscles around my sciatic nerve to relax which provided great symptom relief. Lani is an excellent massage therapist because she has an in-depth knowledge of anatomy, and a healing touch. She is very in-tune with the body, and able to figure out just what your body needs. She also takes the time to educate you afterwards on things that you can do at home that will help speed your recovery, such as good stretches to do, and other lifestyle recommendations.” – Hayley C.