Lani Oft is a licensed massage therapist, holistic health practitioner, and certified chiropractic assistant. She has been practicing massage therapy for over a decade, and has an additional 330 hours of advanced training. Here are links to verify her licensing, professional membership, and curriculum vitae.

Lani’s story is one in which her own injuries motivated her to seek out healing. Receiving massage therapy helped her so significantly that she decided to learn the skills and pay it forward. Now she applies the wisdom of her own healing experience, combined with many years of training and practice, to help others recover and be well too.

In her free time, Lani is an avid hiker and kayaker who founded Slow & Easy Hiking in Arizona. On occasion, she volunteers her massage services to organizations like AZ Sonshine, as well as to raise money for special causes such as Sending Water for Wildlife and the Bria Foundation.